Consulting Services

Practical solutions to the Information Technology challenges organisations face.

International Experience in New Zealand's "Silicon Plains"

We provide consulting services in the the Canterbury region to Organisations who require good technology advice along with practical and achievable solutions.

Our collective 40+ years of experience in the Information Technology, Commercial Technology Product development and Professional Services allow us to help businesses build the organisational capabilities they require to succeed.

Our Expertise

Commercial Product Development - Done right

It is not uncommon for ordinary organisations to invest in the development of their own software products. These products can often be sold to similar companies, which allow the organisations to recover some of the cost or even make a profit on their original investment.

The move from an "internal use" solution to a commercial grade product is a massive step. The organisation will have to establish a number of capabilities to support this transition. This includes establishing important processes, adopting supporting technology, and most importantly finding the right talent.

We can guide you through this process and help you to avoid the pitfalls on the journey to selling a commercial product.

Architecting Technology to Solve Business Challenges

Architecture Mapping - Understand your systems

Most organisations grow their solutions organically as the organisations evolve. This growth supports the business to thrive, but comes with some challenges for the people responsible for managing the solutions for the benefit of the organisation. We can assist you to map these solutions, how they communicate, and how they depend on each other.

The architecture/solution map allows you to answers questions such as:

      • Which systems are impacted, when I change a Process?

      • What monitoring should I implement to ensure that I can detect problems as they occur?

      • What other solutions are impacted if I replace the old solution X?

      • Who uses my solutions and where are they located?

      • What Service level agreements are associated with my components?

Integration - Sharing Information between Systems

We have assisted numerous organisations to integrate their diverse and often complex systems. We believe in choosing the technology approach which is right for the job, and which you can afford. More importantly, we can assist you to find ways to monitor your integrations and ensure that your valuable information does not go missing.

Emerging Technologies - Which of these technologies should I care about?

Everybody is talking about Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, Mobile presence and Digital Transformation. We can help you understand these technologies and help you decide which of them are important to you now, and in the near future. We can help you create a strategy to adopt the appropriate technology when they will add the most value to you.

Enterprise Architecture - Building Organisational Capability to Deliver

Enterprise architecture sounds complicated. It doesn't have to be.

Our view of Enterprise Architecture, is that it provides a blueprint for the organisation to follow as it establishes it's capabilities to deliver on it's strategy.

How do we do it?

We start with the services you offer and the problems you solve. We explore the customer experiences you want to provide, and define the capabilities we need to build or improve to deliver those customer experiences.

In other words, it is a simple plan to create the processes you need, train the people who will do the work, and implement the technology to help them do the work efficiently.

Delivering your services generates data. We will help you use this data to improve the way you deliver the services, and refine our strategy.