Privacy Policy

At EQUIAVIA Ltd., we understand how important your privacy is to you as a customer and a user of our application.

We do not collect any personal information during the use of our IOS application.

Our applications rely on Admob ( and Leadbolt ( for serving Advertisements to the device, and we also use AskingPoint ( to track installations and assist with rating requests. Please read each of the individual sites privacy policies.

None of your information on your iOS device, logins or related information is transmitted to EQUIAVIA Ltd. in any form.

The applications may in the future allow you to share information between the applications installed on different devices.

This sharing will be facilitated using the iCloud technology provided by Apple Inc. None of this information will be collected or transmitted to EQUIAVIA Ltd.

You will be notified via the application, release notes published on the AppStore or a post on this site if this policy, or our approach to private information changes.