Vehicle Logbook

If you use your vehicle for business, and you need to track your business trips for tax purposes. Paper logbooks work but are cumbersome and expensive.

We had the same problem and decided to create this app which took the pain out tracking our trips, vehicle expenses, performing the calculations, and creating a report.

This app is based on the Vehicle Logbook template which can be found on the New Zealand Inland Revenue website.

This app is intended for a single driver with a single vehicle.

The application does not require the internet to function except if an email needs to be sent from out the reporting sections, which provides you with the flexibility to use the application anywhere you need to, when logging trips or capture a vehicle expense.

We appreciate any feedback which will help improve the app.

This link will take you to the Vehicle Logbook in the Apple App Store.

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EQUIAVIA - Vehicle Logbook for New Zealand

VehicleLogBookNZ is currently taken off the Apple Store. It is being upgraded to a better technology, we will keep you updated.

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