Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot see the Facebook Share options in the App. How do I enable the option?

The Facebook share requires that the device is associated with a Facebook account. The below screen in the Settings area of your device accepts   your Facebook account username and password. Once you have successfully logged into Facebook, the Facebook share icon should now be visible in the application.

How do I change the date format used in my Application?

Navigate to the Settings>General option on the device. An international setting is present on the right hand side of the screen.Select the international option, and then choose the appropriate Region Format you require. 

There is an Region Format Example area which will assist you with determining if the setting meets your needs.

Please see the below screen as an example.

Is there any plans to allow the iPhone and iPad to sync and keep the same project updated, or am I going to have to choose one and stick with it?

At the moment you have to unfortunately stick with one. We are a working on the iCloud sync which should be available by the end of 2013.