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Measure and Share

My Horse Companion - Measure and Share
29 January 2013
New features to be released in February 

Thanks to the feedback received from some of our supporters, we have decided to add the following changes to the Application:
  • You will be able to enter the horse's birth date,  and breed of the horse.
  • The age of the horse will be calculated based on the birth date of the horse.
  • The calculated age will be tracked on the measurement view and the above information will be presented in the message which is posted to Facebook.
The application has been submitted to the AppStore, and we will keep you posted as soon as it is released.

25 January 2013
New features released.

This significant release introduces the ability to track multiple measures for different horses with photos for every measure.
Horse Companion is a new series of utilities to assist serious equestrian fans or the more casual horse loving rider or care giver. 

The current version of the application is the second app in the collection and will assist you to get; - 90 - 95 % accurate estimate of your horses weight from a few measurements - Convert your horses height from cm or inches into Hands High (hh) - Take a photo of the horse at the time you took the measurements 

You can post a photo with the measures to Facebook. This allows you to see the changes of your horse over time. 

You can estimate the weight of weanlings, yearlings or horses > 1 year old. 

The application can help you: - Track your foal's progress as he grows up - See the results of the changes in your feeding approach or exercise programme. OR -Simply use the application to get a quick weight estimate of your horse, or calculate how tall a horse is in hands. 

We have found the application useful for calculating deworming and feed requirements 


The new main screen for the application.

PLEASE NOTE: Facebook sharing requires iOS 6 or above and requires the facebook settings to be configured for your device. The facebook icon will be disabled if the above items are not met. .