From a small beginning to over 6000 customers, our products have grown to serve aviation and equestrian all over the world.

EQUIAVIA - Horse Care

EquiAvia HorseCare is currently taken off the Apple Store. It is being rewritten in a deferent technology, we will keep you updated.

EQUIAVIA - Horse Care version 1.0.0 Android app is still available on Google Play

Aircraft Build Logs made easy

Building an aircraft is a significant challenge, not to mention all the documentation that has to be completed. Creating and sharing your Aircraft Build log is now easier than ever before.

Aircraft Builder helps you capture your progress using your iPad, and generate a build log when you are done. The dashboard gives you a quick overview of the project and instant access to the tasks that are in progress.

The application allows you to capture your mentor’s details and maintains separate "to do" lists for in progress tasks and tasks which are ready to inspect.

Unlike web-based solutions, Aircraft Builder saves its information locally. This helps you protect your hard work as it is backed up with the rest of your iPad’s contents when you synchronize with iTunes.

The application has an "Export to CSV" function that allows you to e-mail a .csv file containing an extract of your build log to yourself or any other person.